May 17, 2012

Spartans Hockey to Have New Uniforms in 2012-13 Season

By Sean Gagnier

In a recent interview with The State News' Dillon Davis, Michigan State hockey head coach Tom Anastos was asked about the possibility that the Spartans would be donning new sweaters next season. According to Anastos the Spartans won't just get one new uniform, they will get three.

The Spartans will get new home and road uniforms and an alternate "vintage" uniform to go along with them. While there is no news yet on what the uniforms will look like, when Anastos spoke with Davis he talked a bit about the new sweaters.

“Our Spartan head branding will be a key component of it in terms of creating a look and a fresh look after a couple years of wearing what we wore. Some of the design, you just learn certain things that impact the jersey from a wearing standpoint. When I came here, I asked the players if they liked the uniforms, which they did, and if they liked the material and how it wore and the comfort of it and how it allowed for performance and all those types of things. We talked about designs, and I had some of them involved and trying to create designs that are certainly cool and the players liked and recruits would like and that kind of stuff. We wanted to be able to connect the present with the past and present a little bit.”

Some have suggested that the Spartans will return to the traditional script logo that they have worn for decades, and that seems to be a valid idea as Michigan State wore that logo in every season that they have won a national championship.

The move to update the Spartans uniforms comes just two years after the university turned over the athletic department to Nike. Nike designed a university wide rebranding of every athletic club, making sure that the design of each uniform carried over across each sport.

With Nike again in charge of the redesign the uniforms should maintain much of their same look from the last two seasons. Expect minor changes to the new jerseys, nothing major. The announcement of the new uniforms, with the alternate, come just days after the University of Michigan announced three new uniforms of their own.

Could it be a bit of the in-state rivalry?

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