May 2, 2012

The Future of Munn Ice Arena To Be Decided Soon

By Sean Gagnier

An update on this story is available here. 

The future of Michigan State's Munn Ice Arena could be in the hands of the Board of Directors and the Athletic Department right now. Rumors had it that there was to be an internal deadline of May 1st, to decide what to do with the stadium in the near future.

Athletic Director Mark Hollis has previously said that he would look into the future of Munn Ice Arena and could go as far as to build a new stadium on campus for the hockey program.

Head Coach Tom Anastos has said that he would love to have a new stadium, but didn't rule out an overhaul and update to the existing stadium. Anastos has said that this future of the 40-year-old stadium would be heavily dependent on the funding they receive.

If the school chooses to build a new stadium there are options in place that could transform Munn into a stadium for wrestling and gymnastics, allowing indoor track to move into Jenison Field House on campus.

Michigan State will have to weigh their options in the near future and decide what they want to do with Munn; overhaul and upgrade or build a new stadium.

"Our university realizes that we're in a 40-year-old building. It's time for an upgrade," said Coach Anastos in an interview with The State News' Dillon Davis.

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