May 24, 2012

Spartans Assistants Get Long Deserved Raises

By Sean Gagnier

The Michigan State football program has started to win big games, and with that comes national attention and other teams looking to emulate the success that is taking place in East Lansing. One way to replicate the success the Spartans are having is to pry one of head coach Mark Dantonio's assistant coaches away from his program and give them the headset on another team.

With the departures of Don Treadwell and Dan Enos to Miami of Ohio and Central Michigan respectivelythe Spartans looked like they were about to lose their defensive coordinator, Pat Narduzzi, as well. But after much courtship from other schools Narduzzi agreed to remain with the Spartans. Because he came back, it was obvious that he would be due a substantial pay raise for his loyalty.

Each of these pay increases are well deserved and long due for the members of Dantonio's coaching staff. Dantonio has been lobbying for raises for his staff for years now and Athletic Director Mark Dantonio was finally given the funds to pay Dantonio's staff what they deserve.

While this raise for Narduzzi will keep him in green and white for now, he will not always be a Spartan. What this salary increase says is that Michigan State recognizes that Dantonio's assistants have contributed mightily to the recent success of the program and the school wants to maintain a winning program. Narduzzi will also remain with Michigan State unless he takes a step up to a head-coaching job.

The Lansing State Journal got the numbers on the pay raises given out to all of Dantonio's assistants today.

Pat Narduzzi (D-Coordinator)- Three-year deal with an increase from $233,000 to $500,000. NArduzzi must pay a $250,000 buyout if he leaves his defensive coordinator position for another coordinator position. Would not have to pay buyout if he takes a head coach position.

Dan Roushar (O-Coordinator)- Increase from $230,000 to $305,000

Dave Warner (QB's)- Increase from $175,000 to $200,000

Brad Salem (RB's)- Raise from $170,000 to $200,000

Terry Samuel (WR's)- Raise from $163,000 to $182,000

Mark Staten (O-Line)- Increase from $170,000 to $200,000

Ted Gill (D-Line)- Increase from $163,000 to $182,000

Mike Tressel (LB's/Special Teams)-  Raise from $170,000 to $203,000

Harlon Barnett (DB's)- Raise from $170,000 to $203,000

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