Mar 29, 2012

UM AD Dave Brandon livid over MSU AD Mark Hollis' tweet at Trey Burke

By Sean Gagnier

Things in the Twitterverse got a bit tense between Michigan State Athletic Director Mark Hollis and his counterpart at the University of Michigan Dave Brandon.

It started when Wolverines freshman point guard Trey Burke who is considering leaving the school and make the jump into the National Basketball Association. Burke has expressed displeasure over outside influences and fans pushing him to either make the jump to the NBA or to stay with the Wolverines.

His displeasure bubbled over on his Twitter account when he put up a post saying;

"EVERYONE got something to say...smh I thought this was my life."

Minutes later Michigan State Athletic Director Mark Hollis retweeted Burke's tweet with the addition of the hashtag, "#respect." He then sent Burke this tweet;

"My advice, believe in YOUR heart & mind, everything else is interference. People u seek out is better than those that seek u."

A seemingly innocent tweet that encouraged Burke to ignore all of the outside influences on him and make the choice that he was most comfortable with. However, University of Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon didn't see it that way. Brandon sent out this tweet;

"Mark Hollis had good intentions-but made a mistake. Not appropriate to tweet on of our student-athletes. Won't happen again. End of story."

While tweeting at another school's athlete may not be quite kosher, in this case it does not violate NCAA rules and Hollis should not face any sanctions because of it.

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