Aug 13, 2012

New Murals Go Up On Spartan Stadium

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By Sean Gagnier

With the new scoreboards up and ready at Spartan Stadium all they needed was a finishing touch to cap off the multimillion dollar upgrade to the facility.

New murals will adorn the outside of the scoreboards, showing Spartans players in the midst of big plays. In keeping with the Athletic Department's latest movement the murals portray an anonymous Spartan player and not any one individual.

Back in the John L. Smith days the stadium was adorned with giant murals of Jeff Smoker and Jehuu Caulcrick. Captions read "Where there's smoke, there's fire." Under Mark Dantonio the names on the uniforms came back but the ones on the stadium came down.

Spartans fans will be treated to three giant-sized video boards and a new ribbon board across the top of the lower bowl. The monitors are a huge step up in size from the past monitors, as the graphic to the right shows.

The Spartan Stadium upgrades are part of a general upgrading of all of the sporting venues, with the Breslin Center and Jenison Center receiving upgrades last year. Any upgrades on Munn Ice Arena could be pending a decision on the future of the building.

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