Apr 22, 2012

Great news: Michigan State center Adreian Payne is 'OK' after car crash

Photo: Associated Press -- Adreian Payne dunks in Michigan State's Carrier Classic loss to North Carolina.

By Adam Biggers

Michigan State Spartans basketball center Adreian Payne is OK after being involved in a car accident Friday in Ohio, reports MLive.com's Diamond Leung.

According to the article, Payne posted a photo to his Twitter account after the accident which reportedly took place on Interstate 70, adding that "God is real," to add context to the severity of the collision.

"I should not be here," Payne wrote on his Twitter account, according to MLive.com. "God blessed me. I was in a car accident someone hit me on the highway..."

Leung's report says that a deer caused the accident, relaying information obtained from a Montgomery (Ohio) County dispatcher.

Considering the consequences of deer-related highway crashes, it's safe to say that Payne was indeed lucky to escape unharmed -- or, at the very least, significantly injured. Deer plus speedy highway travel usually doesn't have a happy ending. We at Gang Green would like to wish Payne well. 

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