Dec 31, 2011

Vols' DeAnthony Arnett seeks transfer to Michigan State or Michigan

By Sean Gagnier

The Michigan native WR DeAnthony Arnett is seeking to secure his transfer off of Rocky Top and back home to Saginaw, Mich. in order to be closer to his family and his ailing father.

In a letter to the media, Arnett disclosed that his father has recently suffered two heart attacks and has been placed on dialysis and that his focus has reasonably not been on football or even in Tennessee but at home.

"I want to play football but I NEED to be here for my Dad and with my family," Arnett wrote in the email.

In the email, Arnett also disclosed that he is seeking a transfer to all schools in the state of Michigan. Although the University of Tennessee has said that they will only release Arnett to a Mid-American Conference school and not to Michigan or Michigan State. If Arnett decides he would like to attend either school he would have to finance his own education and athletic career.

In Arnett's email he states that his family has been enduring financial struggles and that he is unsure of his ability to finance a move to a Big Ten team. He went on to accuse Volunteers head coach Derek Dooley of hindering him by not allowing him to compete at the BCS level.

Tennessee has stated that they are not blocking Arnett from competing at the FBS level but following a policy of not transferring players to schools that they would play or recruit against. Although the Vols' won't be playing Michigan State or Michigan any time soon, but they do cross paths on the recruiting trail quite often.

The addition of Arnett to the Spartans receiving corps would be a huge gain as they are thin after Keith Nichol, B.J. Cunningham and Brian Linthicum graduated. Arnett would have to sit out a year after a transfer but would be able to jump in and help Bennie Fowler, Keith Mumphery, Juwan Caesar and four-star recruit Aaron Burbridge.

Tennessee can still change its mind and allow a transfer to Michigan or Michigan State rather than a MAC school. The situation is a difficult one but both sides have to understand the other and realize that not everyone can come out on the winning end.

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